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The Thunderbolt eGFX box is an expansion chassis designed to house an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. Connected to the Mac or PC laptop via Thunderbolt port, the additional GPU power instantly upgrades an integrated laptop's GPU. Graphic Intensive Gaming and VR: Just plug in a eGPU.
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Users over at the eGPU. If you already own an Nvidia card and you want to try, its forums are your friend. Read More.

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Modern graphics cards suck up a lot of power, with the higher-end cards using significantly more power than the more affordable ones. Power is delivered in watts, but some of that power is dedicated to powering the connected Mac. The size of the graphics card will count too. Your card has to physically fit inside the enclosure, so make sure the two components are compatible in this regard.

If you intend on upgrading the GPU in the future, you might want to buy the best enclosure you can afford rather than the best short-term solution. Some manufacturers aim their enclosures at the Mac market, while others create eGPU solutions with their own brand of Windows laptops.

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You should always ensure the enclosure you pick is compatible with macOS, though the vast majority will be. There are other aspects to consider too. Here are a few of the best external GPU enclosures on the market now, including those recommended by Apple. Most of these are compatible with Nvidia cards, which is handy if Apple adds support somewhere down the line. It includes a whopping five USB 3. For ease of use, the PowerColor Devil Box features thumbscrews so you can swap out cards without breaking out your tools.

My 2018 Mac Mini Gaming Setup! (Vega 64 w/ eGPU)

The more powerful variants offer laptop charging up to 87W, and the W model can power a W card with an additional W of peak power where required. Looking for an all-in-one solution? Obviously, the mac mini doesn't have an internal display. Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read. Please Login or Register. What gear should I buy? Last Post. Eminent Member. Posts: October 30, pm.

Seems like a great affordable option for a desktop egpu setup given it's: -six core and unlike a laptop should be easier to apply new thermal paste to help maintain boost clocks and potentially overclock?? Reply Quote. Topic Tags. Estimable Member. Builds: 1. I don't see one of these yet so here we go.

What is an eGPU?

If you are, please post your planned config. Builds: 3. Builds: 2. October 31, am.

Active Member. Fingers Crossed. Thank you. ICULikeMac liked. Might just wait until someone do it first. Oh I am the same DANHC, If someone buys one and it works with rfiend or a you just disable of a controller or a port I will be getting a high end new Mac Mini and selling my i7. Noble Member.

eGPU with macOS: How useful is one, really?

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Video: Should you get an eGPU for your new Mac mini?

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Use an external graphics processor with your Mac

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  8. Posted by: DanHC. Posted by: expensivefruit. Posted by: bootz. All forum topics. Previous Topic. By delivering significantly higher frame rates for smooth game play, the eGPU is ideal for enabling graphic-intensive gaming. A computer that was not VR Ready will be ready to play games at much higher frame rates than before.

    You can buy external graphics card with preinstalled GPU. Choose a GPU that suits performance and budget you need. Turn your laptop into a powerful workstation. Sort by: Popularity Name Price. View as:.