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This video recipe shows the basic steps to making classic, old-school macaroni and cheese. The adjustable aspect comes in when you decide.
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For some reason today I also started being really clever and witty and I'm beginning to grow a moustache. I made this just the way you instructed and it is my new favorite. It makes the Mac-N-Cheese I made before look boring. I love this recipe! Thanks so much for it! For those who are having the "grainy" problem, in my opinion cheddar cheese is not the best cheese to use. I know I'm going to get flamed, but I switched to American Sharp by Land O Lakes and it melts wonderfully and it has a nice sharp kick to it.

I couldn't stand the funky texture of melted cheddar and since I started using the LOL sharp, it is the best Mac n cheese ever. Ok flame away. Hi Chef, I just made this and was very yummy! Everyone enjoyed but when I watched your video, your sauce was very light colored. Mine was relatively dark even before I poured the milk in. My butter did not "sing", it just kind of burned so I added the flour and let it go on Hi Chief. I have sent this recipe to my family. This is the best mac and cheese that I have ever made.

Chef John's Macaroni and Cheese

Thanks and Bravo! Hi chef, I just made this and the cheese sauce didnt turn out to be as smooth looking as yours, theres a slight weird grainy texture in the cheese sauce. I think my problem was when i made my roux, the flour mixed with the butter to form sandy and clumpy lumps.

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Question, if I substitute shell pasta for the elbow macaroni do the same rules of thumb still apply? For those of you who tried this recipe and came up with a thick, clumpy roux mine kinda looked like mashed potatoes I think I might have figured out why this is happening--you need to use more butter or less flour. If you use equal proportions of flour and butter the absorbent flour will just take in all the butter and you'll be left with a thick substance which looks nothing like what Chef John made in his video.

I recommend you use a little more than twice as much butter than flour. Also, I believe it eliminates the "graininess" found in the finished product, as since the roux becomes clumpy it shows up in the end cheese sauce. Hope this helps a little! I used what I list in the video and it works fine.

Let the butter melt and flour cook for a minute. Give it a minute. NO need to double the butter! Just found your site-first time using one of your recipes. I used the exact proportions in the recipe and the Mac n Cheese was perfect. And the panko I was a hit! My house full of college students loved it as I served it along side the mushroom veggie burgers. I have always wondered how to make Macaroni and Cheese from scratch because I figured out that, contrary to the name, that isn't all of the ingredients.

Thank you for posting this! Hi Chef John. I Added Tasty cheese slices chopped up with Regano Parmigano and Parmasen, all the other ingredients including the salt and the chesse sauce was pretty nasty, very salty and too spicy.

Burger King's Cini-Minis

The Panko turned out great, it had a wonderful crunch when I cut into it, its a pity though the cheese sauce was way too salty and too spicy. You put cayenne in a lot of foods, is this just your thing? Also were the cheese's I used already salty enough, sorry but I have to question your reason for so much salt It's not the pan, if the roux turns brown the heat it too high.

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  7. In all recipes salt and cayenne are "to taste" meaning, add a little, taste and adjust. Also, do you use Reggiano Parmigano and Parmasen?

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    • [SOLVED] Anyone got a good mac and cheese recipe? - Cooking with Spice - Spiceworks!
    • THE HISTORY CHEF!: Thomas Jefferson Macaroni and Cheese.

    Because you don't need the Parmasen if you use Reggiano Parmigano. Never add the amount of salt given in a recipe until you taste first! Good luck! I simmered the butter, till it stopped singing, maybe a min or two past this happening, added the flour and mixed well and simmered on low heat for 4 mins, it had a grey brown light tan, I added the salt and pepper, thyme, cooked for 1 min, added the milk in portions, 3 cups, waiting on that to come to a boil and once that was done, added some Tasty Shredded Cheese.

    Around 4 cups, it just didnt combine completley and had lots of small lumps. Of all the items I have use, is there one that is mucking it all up?

    Chef John’s Macaroni and Cheese

    Oh and I use plain flour, not self raising, is this correct and thanks for the advice on the cheese Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! I will be making this dish. I have been waiting for a good mack and cheese dish and this one looks delicious! Hi Chef John, I love all your recipes but, I always have trouble making the roux. Everytime I try this one it comes out sandy and dry.

    It looks nothing like yours. I used exact proportions, but it never works for me. I could use some help. Hi Chef, In most of your pasta videos, you advocate under-cooking the pasta so it reaches the right consistency while absorbing the sauce. It seems like there will be a lot more cooking happening as it sits in the oven You can under cook a bit, but mac and cheese is not a dosh where we want the pasta al dente, you want soft and cheesy.

    Chef John I made this for dinner today and it was the best. Mentioned you in my food blog as well. I made this along with your cheesecake recipe. Both turned out fantastic! The crust was also perfect!

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    Just delicious! Will be my new go-to recipe from now on, no more boxed mac n cheese for me! For the domestic chefs in Michigan, try our very own Pinconning cheese block-style , named for Pinconning, Michigan, instead of sharp cheddar.

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    It melts perfectly with no graininess. Simply luscious and clings seductively to your choice of pasta! This recipe and your other mac and cheese recipe were my inspiration for a And man oh man, it was the most delicious tuna noodle casserole we've ever had! I did everything this video said to do for the sauce, except I used bacon fat and butter for the base, omitted the Worstechire I didn't have any , I doubled the amount of Cayenne and added about a tsp of hot sauce. I also used 3 pts cheddar to 1 pt parm-regg for cheese. I used half 8 oz of spiral noodles. Then the topping: I couldn't decide which topping from your 2 recipe's to use, I had panko, chips, and parm all on hand, so I decided to combine your 2 recipes for the topping!

    I topped my mixed tuna casserole with a little cheddar and then the combined topping, and then topped with some chopped fried bacon that I had fried earlier for the fat base 20 minutes at Anyway, it was amazing.

    Macaroni and Cheese Recipe - Tom Jefferson's Mac and Cheese

    It was spicy and the flavors and crunch and texture We've never had a more delicious tuna casserole in our entire lives! Thanks for the inspiration, chef! This one is definitely a keeper for our family! The grainy problem some people might be having might be due to them tasting the cheese sauce and then putting the spoon back into contact with the sauce.