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Garmin G is an integrated avionic system used in many small aircrafts. This simulator simulates a primary flight display(PFD) which is used in Cessna T.
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Also of note, the app does include full autopilot and flight director features for the GFC For example, there is no synthetic vision and the aircraft are limited to Cessna R, S, T and H. But given the price and ease of use, we think the apps are a great value.

Garmin G Simulator Free - download suggestions

Top 12 Tips for iPad Pilots. Getting started with your new iPad in the cockpit. Flying with the iPad, fact vs. Are you really legal to fly with an iPad? What are you going to do when your iPad quits…. TangoWhiskey , Dec 28, It works really well. Just need a new skinny monitor to hold the audio panel settings. I've gotta go play for a while! I got mine today.

G1000 PC trainer

It works pretty well, dual monitors and all. I wish there was a little more interface as far as where to put your "plane". I can't seem to just leave it at zero airspeed at an airport. There must be a way, I just haven't figured it out yet. Is it worth it? RossFischer , Dec 28, Jul 6, Messages: I'm still running the Cessna G Trainer version 4.

It sounds like a significant improvement over the buggy version I have now, plus I can use it on both of my monitors. Cool stuff. HPNPilot , Dec 28, Thanks Troy, figured it out two mins after I posted.

Figures, right? RossFischer , Dec 29, Nov 3, Messages: Responds to all buttons and knobs inputs, running it dual screen - seems to be nice program.

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But how do you make the damn thing respond to yoke and rudder pedals input??? I can calubrate them just fine in the Options so I know the sim sees them.

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Do I need to enter some sort of 'flight mode' or something? The tachometer is stuck on rpm, airspeed is 0, altitude is 0 and except traffic alerts nothing goes on.

Any ideas? Welcome to POA!

G1000 simulator apps make glass cockpit transition easier

What yoke and pedals are you using? I have mine configured with CH Products, but it's not intuitive. TangoWhiskey , Nov 3, May 23, Messages: This might be useful for those with iPad: Jonas wrote: Is it good? Last Edited by Jonas at 23 Feb This thread is locked. This means you can't add a response.

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