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I downloaded VBA and pokemon FireRed for mac and it However, once I quit out of VBA I wasn't able to save and the message Error creating file Battery Don't mess with freeze states or trying to open other types of files.
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So I copied the. This way, i'm pretty sure the extention and name of all the files are correct. Once I load up the game in vba, it states that the battery file was loaded at the bottom in red. But once I get to the load screen, all it says is "new game.

User Guide: Transfer Save Files · OpenEmu/OpenEmu Wiki · GitHub

If I already had a. Whats so funny about it is that the. So i was just wondering what the problem was or what i need to do.

I dunno. Oh yeah, I've used VBA 1. Thanks [edit] arrg, should have did this before but was a little bit too lazy haha.

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Well, I trimmed the rom I was playing summon night SS1 and apparently the savefile for the game was corrupted or something. Its still kinda weird because emulators recognize the same. Anyway, just gonna start over again. I guess i'll keep a lookout from now on haha Aug 7, Melbourne.

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Haha, thanks for the info. But yeah, that didn't help my. When I set VBA to automatically detect the save type, it'll still just overwrite my kb save file with a fresh 8kb one. If i set it to read kb flash save file, it'll detect it but it can't read the saves and I can't save either. I've tried using the online converter and converting it to a 8kb file but still no go. Haha, I've given up all hope for it xD. I'm heading to las vegas later this week right before finals Since I don't have to drive the whole way playing the ds while driving is a no no haha So, I decided to look at the.

Like you said, the first 16 bytes were not in the VBA one. The other thing was, of course, the size, so i trimmed my save file which was apparently just padded to kb to look like the VBA one. Guess it was just the size of the file haha. Thanks again.

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I then get: I'm really afraid to do anything and screw up my computer. Can someone help me and show how stupid I am?

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I just know it's got to be something stupid on my part Mordak , Feb 21, Extract the file first i recomend downloading 7zip. Usoppu , Feb 21, Where can I get a 7zip file I found a Mac one to extract the files, but now I have to figure out why it is in Spanish and why is the screen so small Yeah, I got it working, but what does this error mean?

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Try deleting the save file, and then change the save type, and then try again. There should be an option to in one of the tabs. Delete savefile, change accordingly and then reset. Try that.